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Special crop equipment

1926 advertisements of special crop equipment

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Last special crop equipment advertisements

Orchard tractor Landini REX-95-GE - 13,566 £
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Orchard tractor Antonio-Carraro TRX-8400
Orchard tractor New-Holland TN95V - 15,800 £
Orchard tractor Mc-Cormick X10-30M1
Orchard tractor Same Frutteto-85-II - 12,768 £
Orchard tractor Antonio-Carraro TGF-7800
Orchard sprayers Hand-made NI-800 - 1,081 £
Orchard tractor Same DORADO-F-90 - 11,571 £
Orchard tractor Goldoni EURO-45-RS
Orchard tractor Same AURORA-45
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serre de maraicher

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Special crop equipment

Special Crop Equipment: General Information

Special crop equipment is useful equipment designed for harvesting particular crops. These equipment is meant for agricultural activities of varying nature. Special crop equipment makes the job of a farmer more comfortable by easing the process of mowing and sowing. However, special equipment is only suitable for one kind of activity. For example, the equipment which is used for potato harvesting is not usable for livestock. In simple words, special equipment is a custom made item which eases the process of farming or related activities of one particular nature. Depending on the desired end usage, there are many types of equipment that facilitate ease of harvesting.


Special crop equipment
Special crop equipment

Different subcategories and manufacturers

Potato growing equipment is used for farming potatoes. It was invented by John Moses in the year 1889. Grimme and Fortschritt are top manufacturers of potato harvesters. Other special equipment is flax harvesting equipment , that is used for harvesting.  It was invented in the US by Hiram Moore in the year 1834. Some of the top brands engaged in making flax harvesters are Vicon Greenland, France and Depoortere, France. Moreover there is arboriculture equipment.  Arboriculture equipment contains for example orchard tractors or pruning sprayers. As the names suggests, an orchard tractor is used for orchard farming. In 1892, John Froelich invented the first version of orchard tractor. Same and John-Deere are major producers of orchard tractors.

Thus, a host of special crop equipment can be found in the market that caters to the particular needs of different types of farming activities. With developments and advancements in modern technology, more and more innovative equipment is manufactured and made available regularly for convenience.