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Large square baler

Square Baler: General information

Square Balers are agricultural vehicles that roll hay bales. They are pulled by a tractor. Bales that are rolled out by a large square baler are used for feeding because these can separate into flakes extremely quickly. Professionals put their trust in balers when it comes to making dense and well-shaped bales out of hay. These are not only easier to handle but they also make the process of feeding easier. A task that would have taken hours would be done by a professional large square baler in seconds. Hence buying this kind of machinery is a wise and profitable investment.

Contrary to the common misconception, a large square baler is not just used for the purpose of baling hay, it can also be used for baling silage, straw or cotton. When buying a baler one should make sure that it is a heavy duty one so that it can be used season after season of heavy-duty baling. After all, it would be a shame if the machine stops working after a few rounds of baling, especially since these machines are quite costly.

Large square baler

Large square baler

Buying a baler

When you are looking for a baler, you can take your pick from among round balers as well as square ones. It depends upon your preferences as to whether you want the end result to be round or square in shape. While it is easy to roll a round bale around, it isn’t really the same when it comes to stacking, at times these round bales can roll off when stacked on top of one another. The same isn’t the case when it comes to a large square baler. The bales produced would be square in shape, which makes it easy to store. As far as moving around is concerned, one can just tumble and roll the square bales.


When it comes to square balers, some of the reputable and trustworthy companies that one can consider are Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Claas, Markant, Quadrant, etc. You can purchase these online or from brick-and-mortar stores. You also have the option of going for a brand new one or a used one.