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Straw blower

Straw Blowers: General information

A straw shredder is an apparatus for grinding large straw bales (500 to 700 kg). After the procedure the straw can be used as fodder or for other purposes. The Shredders are usually one axle trailers with 2 wheels that are pulled by a tractor. They are made of steel, and are bulky shaped. Straw shredders can perform impressively when it comes shredding straw. Straw shredders are generally used in organic fertilizer factories, cultivation factories, fodder factories and biomass fuel factories.

A straw shredder comes with a spindle which is responsible for rotating the crushing blade which performs the shredding of packed straws or straw bundles. On the other end of the shredder is an opening which is meant for dispensing the shredder straws. The faster the speed of the spindle, the higher would be its ability to produce shredded straw at a fast rate.When purchasing a straw shredder it is important to look for one that has the least vibration and maximum efficiency while being safe and durable. It is also advisable to pick up a model which can grind all type of straw. An automatic straw shredder would be the best choice because it doesn’t require any supervising or monitoring.

Straw blower

Straw shredder


There are many companies out that offer great and reliable straw shredders. One of them is Kverneland, a company from United Kingdom. Other companies which one can consider is Taarup (from United Kingdom), Teagle (from Ireland), Calvet (from France) and also Kuhn (from France).

The prices of straw shredders would differ from one manufacturer to another but in order to ensure that one does not overpay for this product one should conduct some research and comparisons between different websites offering the same product. If you want ti save money you can also go for used straw shredders.