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Stubble cultivator

Stubble Cultivator: General Information

A stubble cultivator can be used for the purpose of loosening up the ground and getting it ready for cultivation. It moves the ground in a stale seedbed or mini-till situation. A typical stubble cultivator can work down to 12” or 300mm down the soil. If you want to get something for residue incorporation and deep cultivation then you should get a stubble cultivator having a chisel point. A quality cultivator will ensure that irrespective of the function it is being put to, it would leave behind a level of consolidated finish.

There are many different kinds of stubble cultivators out there in the market, like tined stubble cultivators, triple tiller stubble cultivators, multipurpose stubble cultivators, quadro stubble cultivators, etc.

A stubble cultivator is a form of cultivator, the original inventor of this kind of cultivator is unknown. However, George H. Roath, a resident of Marietta in PA invented the cultivator back in 1882. While the different kinds of stubble cultivators may vary in terms of design, the basic layout of the machine remains the same. All stubble cultivators have a row of leveling disks, three or four rows of trailed tines and at times a tamping roller is also thrown in for extra functionality.

If you go for a multipurpose stubble cultivator then you will be able to engage in surface ploughing or stubble ploughing (about 5 cm in depth) and deep ploughing (about 30 cm in depth). Before buying one for yourself you should ensure that the stubble cultivator in question has a strong engine with enough horse power to carry out the duties you want it to fulfil.

Stubble cultivator

Stubble cultivator


The best stubble cultivators are manufactured in the United Kingdom. You can choose from brands like Simba, Keeble, Horsch, Sumo, Quivogne, Gregoire Besson, etc. However if you wish to venture out of the UK market then you can opt for Vaderstad or Kongskilde in Ireland. The best thing to do when you are looking for a stubble cultivator is to opt for a second hand one. As long as its functional, it is good enough and you’ll be able to save money too!