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Sunflower harvesting equipment

Sunflower Harvest: Equipment

Sunflower are easy to grow and to maintain. As can be deduced from their name, sunflowers require enough sun and good soil to thrive in. Sunflower farms provide sunflower oil via their seeds and are hence, very lucrative and important. Since sunflowers can also be planted as a hiatus crop between two food crops, it is economically viable. Such a rotation planting also has the advantage of taking care of pest problems in the farm.

Unlike with most other flowers, harvesting for sunflowers start after the flowers got dried and beginning to droop. When the flowers start fading and the leaves at the top start to dry up, it is the season for harvesting.

Sunflower harvesting equipment, like combine harvesters, come in different sizes, shaves and has different functions.

Bigger Harvesters can work at about 0.9 h/ha. These machines are comprised of a couple of conveyor chains that mow the plans and feed them towards the double knives attached to the machine. These rotating knives come in different sizes. The head of the sunflower is separated from the stalk and sent for threshing by gathering chains that are arranged in neat vertical rows.

Sunflower harvesting equipment

Sunflower harvesting equipment


Invented and patented by a group of seven persons in Hungary, the sunflower harvesting machine is now used all over the world. Due to its ease of use and faster turnaround, the sales have increased, and most sunflower growing farms now have these specialised machines to get the optimum benefit from their sunflower harvest.


Many different companies are in the business of manufacturing sunflower harvesting machines. Some of the ones that we know of are New Holland, Poget, Claas, Moresil, Deutz-Fahr, Cressonl, Tracoen, Mathiaut, Lacombe, Rabaude, Oros, etc. In addition to these, the world leaders in farm technology such as John Deere, Geringhoff and others also provide different sunflower harvesting machines in different colours, models and prices.