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Tedder rake

Tedder Rake: General Information

Raking and tedding plays extremely important roles as far as grass harvesting process is concerned. If one wants to obtain optimum quality harvests then one has to pay attention to timing. Raking or tedding with the help of a tedder rake will provide the user with optimum flexibility when he/she is engaged in the haymaking process. It would be a blessing for every farmer to have a good tedder rake which can offer unmatched reliability and perform at a high level.

A tedder rake is perfect when one is racing against unpleasant weather because it would improve the chances of one winning the race. The machine would fluff up the hay so that air can flow through it freely and this would speed up the drying process. If a tedder rake wasn’t used then the air would only flow over the hay, therefore it would take longer to dry. In case of monsoons, such machines can be a huge help too. It would help you in spreading the damp crop so that it is distributed evenly. Hence quick drying would be possible. Thus, a tedder rake is a tool that can be used for saving time and getting the work done more efficiently.

Tedder rake

Tedder rake


Irrespective of how big or small a field is, rain is its main enemy when it comes to haymaking. However, you can beat rain by getting a tedder rake that is perfect for your farm size which would offer dependable fluffing action during the times when it is needed. A good tedder rake is one which has a maintenance-friendly system and a significant working width. Fransgard is a good company in Ireland which offers dependable tedderrakers. If you want some other options then you can go for Strella, Liderfarm, Vicon, Lely or Kuhn. These are all reputable companies that offer high quality tedder rakes.

You can also consider the option of purchasing these machines from their owners for a cheaper rate since they would be used ones. When purchasing used machineries it is important to ensure that the product is in good working condition and that the provider is trustworthy.