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Tedder : General Information

A tedder is a type of agricultural machine developed in the 19th century. It is primarily used to turn over and disperse the cut grass in order to dry it. Thanks to the use of a tedder, the freshly cut grass is quicker transformed into hay. A tedder is said to be a very time and labour saving device since it is able to perform work usually done by up to fifteen farm workers. It is particularly useful when the crop is rather heavy and even when it is wet. Due to the fact that it not only turns over the grass or crop, but also spreads it, the machine is sometimes called a spreader. It is also important to note that apart from speeding up the process of making hay, the use of machine also significantly improves its quality. The device consists of three major parts: two wheels, the set of moving forks, which are responsible for dispersing grass or crop, and the seat for the person who operates it.




The original tedders were developed in the 19th century and were pulled by horses. The strength of the animals caused the axle to rotate moving the whole set of forks. Nowadays, obviously the tractors are used although the principle remains the same.


Among the main producers of tedders it is necessary to include: Massey Ferguson, Kuhn, Galfre, Claas, Fella. Massey Ferguson is a globally operating agricultural company based in Canada. It primarily specializes in tractors. Claas is a Germany based company, operating since 1913. It produces combine harvesters, mowers and tedders. Another German firm, Fella, has existed since 1918. It is the biggest producer of rakes, mowers and tedders. Kuhn Group is a global company operating in several countries around the world. It makes a wide choice of agricultural equipment and can boast the experience of 180 years of history. Galfre is based in Italy and it specializes in haymaking agricultural devices.