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Tedding equipment

For Quick Spreading and Drying – Tedding Equipment

Tedding equipment, also known as the hay tedder or simply tedder, are machines that are used for the purpose of making hay. Using this kind of equipment for drying or curing hay would make it better by improving its color and aroma. The equipment is used after the grass is cut but before windrowing the same. This kind of equipment often has moving forks or similar structures for the purpose of aerating or ‘fluffing up’ the hay so that it would dry faster. Hence, tedding equipment makes the process of hay-making faster and more convenient. A man with a tedder can complete as much work as the work of fifteen other men.

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Several machines are included in the tedding equipment category: Round baler ,Large square baler, Small square baler , Baler wrapper combination , Mower, Tedder, Rake,Wrapper, Self loading wagons and Bundle raisers.

Tedding equipment

Tedding equipment


The tedding equipment came into use during the late nineteenth century. A person named Charles Wendel claimed that the tedder wasn’t introduced to the US until the year 1880s but there are certain solid evidences to prove that the same was used in 1860s. The most important evidence is that it in the year 1868 the efficacy of the tedder was mentioned in the New York Times. The original tedder was actually a farm tool which had two wheels and was pulled by a horse. The rotation of the axle would cause a gear to operate the prongs present at the lower end. These prongs or wire tines or fingers would pick up hay and then disperse it at a low height.

Today, the modern tedder is fitted with engines so that a person can directly drive the vehicle instead of using a horse to pull the same. This resulted in greater and better economy because the grass can be turned into hay after cutting on the same day!


Some of the trustworthy brands of tedding equipment which are available in the market are Fella, Krone, Galfre, Claas, Vicon , Kuhn, Pottinger, Fahr etc. A fact to keep in mind here is that it would be cheaper to go for used machinery, instead of a brand new one.