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Telescopic handlers

Telescopic Handlers: General Information

A telescopic handler is farming equipment which resembles a fork lift. However, the tasks performed by the telehandler are similar to those of a crane. The telehandler developed from a forestry fork lift first produced by the Matbro Company in England. The initial designs were such as the boom was at the front while the drivers cab was positioned at the back. Modern designs favor a sideways position for the drivers cab and a boom that is at the rear.

Telescopic handlers consist of a boom which is either attached to a bucket or pallet forks. Telehandlers with front outriggers are known as mobile cranes. Telehandlers are used for moving loads that cannot be easily accessed by ordinary fork lifts. For instance, it can reach cargo that is within a trailer and move it to the top of a building.

The lifting capacity of the telehandler usually increases and decreases depending on the booms movement. A fully extended boom bears a light load than a retracted one. Therefore, the operator of a telehandler determines the machines ability to lift a particular load based on weight, height and boom angle. Some telehandlers consist of computers loaded with sensors that are able to monitor the limitations of the equipment. The sensors warn the operator and even hamper further movement if the limitations of the crane are exceeded.

Telescopic handlers

Telescopic handlers


The market is awash with different brands and models of telescopic handlers. The most common manufacturers include, AUSA (Spain), Merlo (Italy), Ingersoll Rand (USA), Claas ( Germany), JCB (England), Sky Jack( Australia) John Deere, Manitou, Caterpillar, Liner Giraffe ( England) Matbro and Skytrac.