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Tractor-mounted sprayer

Tractor-mounted Sprayer: General Information

A sprayer is generally used for spraying insecticides to protect crops from insects and germs. In 1947, Ray Hagie, Lowa and Clarian invented the first ever self-propelled sprayer for agricultural activities. Nowadays, various types of sprayers are used for spraying chemicals such as manually operated sprayer, rocker type sprayer and tractor-mounted sprayer. However, a tractor-mounted sprayer is the preferred choice of many. A tractor-mounted sprayer is mounted on a tractor. The tractor’s PTO drives the pump; the liquid is sucked by the sprayer unit and discharged through the discharging lines or spray boom. The spray boom is adjustable and the user can adjust it according to desired height for spraying chemicals over crops.

A tractor-mounted sprayer is very useful for spraying liquids in less time. Those who have a large plot of agricultural land prefer to use a tractor-mounted sprayer for to spray necessary fertilizer and protect their crops from germs and insects.

Tractor-mounted sprayer

Tractor-mounted sprayer

Demand and Manufacturers

The demand for this kind of sprayers is increasing at an alarming rate. Hence, companies are coming up with numerous innovative versions of the equipment to satisfy the demand of different types of customers. There are simple sprayers to suit the needs of farmers who have a small plot of land as well as sophisticated versions of tractor-mounted sprayers. Normally, big companies engaged in agricultural activities, having large plots of land, choose to buy high end sophisticated versions of tractor-mounted sprayers.

UK and France are leading countries producing a range of tractor-mounted sprayers for users all over the world. Some of the top brands providing tractor-mounted sprayers are Berthoud, Kuhn, Hardi, Blanchard and Vicon.