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Straddle tractor

Straddle Tractor

With their ability to reach high points, the straddle tractor is useful for a variety of different farmers including ones such as plantation growers. They can be helpful with orchard work too or just general work found around the farm. What they use is a high loader for those places that are harder to reach. It is a very small machinery. With a straddle tractor, you can pass one or two rows of grapes simultaneously.

There are subcategories available for specific tasks and purposes around the farm and beyond. You have examples such as John Deere who make orchard tractors and the Massey Ferguson who make forestry tractors. They can each have different purposes behind them as they also fulfil a specific task.

The first tractor that came about with an engine was during 1901 as the plough was then pulled along making it far easier to till the earth. Then the additions such as the straddle tractor came about during the 20th century. Other additions also arrived as the versatility and demands of the farmyard quickly expanded.

Straddle tractor

Straddle tractor


The Bobard Traddle Tractor is a French brand that is especially known for its vineyard orientated tractors. By the way, most of the straddle tractors are produced in France. Other popular firms are: John Deere, Landini, Castrix, CMC and Jacquet.