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Trimming machine

Trimming machine for wine growing

The archaeological studies indicate that the earliest wine production was probably done around the 6th millennium BC. Back then everything was done manually. Nowadays the technology allows vineyards to use all sorts of equipment to help growing and maintaining vines. One of the most helpful is the trimming machine. Trimmers are used to cut unnecessary vine growth, so that air, sun and all kind of sprays can reach the grape bunches more easily. Trimmers are mounted on the end or front of tractors (mostly vineyard tractors). They are equipped with sharp and hardened knife blades. Modern trimmers are run by hydraulics, can clean themselves, thus preventing spread of diseases, and often create a sucking system to suck the trimmed material and leave it in the center of the row, so that the cut elements are not blown away. Trimmers are built to fit the vineyard's specific layout, size and profile, which makes them very efficient and, in the end, worth investing in.

Trimming machine

Trimming machine

Types of trimmers

Modern trimmers were introduced to vineyards at the beginning of the 20th century. There are two kinds of trimmer machines: A cutter bar which is more stationary, slower but has a clearer cut and the rotary blade trimmer, which is said to be much faster and more efficient, although the cuts are not as clean. Singe sided trimmers can cut sides of the vines as well as the tops. The double sided trimmer cuts tops of the vines as well as their both sides.


The main manufacturers who produce and distribute the trimming equipment are: Ferrand Sarl, whose headquarters are in Villemoustaussou in France, Eurl Presta Concept from Vinsobres in France, Collard – a family company from France, Sandeep Industrial Corporation from Punjab in India and Lanz GmbH from Westerstetten in Germany.