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Unimog multi-purpose vehicles

Unimog multi-purpose vehicles are used by a number of different commercial enterprises including construction, transport, disaster relief agencies, and even competitively in the Dakar Rally. It is used by countless municipal councils during winter as a snow-plough as well as extensively in agriculture and forestry. It can move heavy pieces of equipment in the rail-road industry and is also used by the armed forces of many nations.

The vehicles have excellent rough terrain capabilities because of their high clearance and are also installed with a framework which permits flexible movement. They can be equipped with a number of different tools depending on their intended purpose, with the driver being able achieve high visibility from his cab when operating them.

History and unique manufacturer

The vehicle was developed in Germany, and was first built by Boehringer in 1947. The Production of the Unimog was taken over by Daimler-Benz in1951, when the 702 series was started, with the vehicles being manufactured in Baden-Württemberg until 2002. Currently the vehicles are produced by a unique manufacturer in Germany at Wörth am Rhein by Mercedes-Benz, who have another assembly plant in Turkey that also produces unimog.



Popular models

  •    U900 – The U900 is a smaller, lighter version  of the unimog that was introduced in 1992. This model brought improvements to the cabs as well as the installation of the 'servolock' system for the operation of implements.
  •     U1000 – This model is one of the medium size short wheel unimogs that include features like sound insulation and air ride seats in the cabs.
  •     U1250 – As this model is perfectly thermal insulated, it is often used as a snow plough in the winter, and is a medium heavy long wheel version.
  •     U1600 – a heavy duty vehicle which can tackle any difficult situation. It is often chosen to be used in rough terrain.
  •     U2450 – one of the largest heavy duty trucks, able to carry large and heavy  weights over rough terrain – As it is very robust  model of a unimog, it is very popular with the military.

Unimog multi-purpose vehicles are as popular today as they were when they were first produced, and demand for both new and used models has never been greater!