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Vine sprayer : General Information

When growing vines, the best defense against disease is to plant disease resistant varieties. However, no vine is one hundred percent disease resistant. Therefore, the vines need to be sprayed constantly in order to keep them healthy and prevent fungal attacks.

A vine sprayer is important for this task. There are a wide range of vine sprayers one can choose from. They include Orchard sprayer, Trailed sprayer, Self-propelled sprayer, vine sprayer and Tractor- mounted sprayer. It is an important factor to take into account that the quantity of available corrective sprays to a layperson is now limited. The major reason for spraying, therefore, is to check the beginning of a disease more than to alleviate it.

Probably, the most infamous disease is powdery mildew. Luckily, it can be prevented by use of sulphur that is easily available. Another chemical that can be used to prevent attack from this disease is Washing Soda, or the sodium carbonate, which is a constituent of Burgundy Mixture. These chemical can be applied to the plants using a vine sprayer that is of top quality.

Burgundy Mixture can easily be bought at garden centers. Spraying with can lead to slow growth. It is recommended that one uses it right away after harvest. At this period, it is also effectual against dead arm. A single spraying minimizes the dangers of gathering copper found in soil.

The Fungus Fighter is obtainable from a majority of garden centers. It contains myclobutanil that is accepted for spraying on vines.




There are many brands of vine sprayers that are readily available in the market today. They include Tomix, Berthoud and Thomas. They are found in different countries and one can shop for them online. One is recommended to visit the website Vine Sprayer