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Warehouse Truck

1565 advertisements of warehouse truck

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Last warehouse truck advertisements

Pallet Stacker Caterpillar NSR20N - 5,755 £
Pallet Stacker Linde H-12-Elektro - 1,143 £
Four Way Forklift Combilift 12000 - 35,395 £
Pallet Truck Rocla PF10 - 2,207 £
Pallet Stacker Rocla SW12 - 2,207 £
Pallet Stacker Rocla SW16ACi - 4,336 £
Reach Truck Jungheinrich ETV-216
Reach Truck Still FM-14-i
Order Picker BT OM-085
Order Picker Yale MO10S - 3,311 £
Pallet Stacker Hyster S-1-6-4328 - 4,651 £
Four Way Forklift Jungheinrich ETX-K-125-S - 11,036 £
Pallet Truck Schneider mit-Waage-Druck - 1,182 £
Pallet Stacker Linde L16--372
Pallet Stacker Linde L16--

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Warehouse Truck
Forklifts are trucks powered either by electricity or diesel and are mainly used in the transport of various cargo types. Forklifts are used in many places, including warehouses and factories, including lumber yards, dock warehouses, grocery warehouses and outlets. Warehouse forklifts are different from other forklifts in that they are relatively narrow and are built to fit in the narrow aisles found in warehouses. Warehouse forklifts have can lift from about 2 tons to a maximum of 5 tons, and have maximum reach of about 30ft.

Since it's easy to get lost in a large warehouse with lots of aisles, most warehouses use guide rails and a drive-in system to guide drivers. These require complex maneuvering on the part of the driver, emphasizing the need for trained drivers to operate the warehouse forklifts. Forklifts are quite unstable when carrying a load and accidents occur frequently due to user error, making safety training incredibly important for forklift operators as well as warehouse workers
Warehouse Truck
Warehouse Truck


Japanese company Toyota, American Caterpillar and German Jungheinrich are some of the largest producers of forklifts in the world, and sell thousands of warehouse forklifts per year. There are also many smaller brands are found in various regions. Brands such as Linde, Lansing, Pimespo and Combilift enjoy some popularity in Western Europe, while Boss is almost exclusively found in the United States. There are a number of Asian producers as well, including Mitsubishi, Shinko and Sumimoto that are distributed internationally.

Ultimately, the choice of warehouse forklifts depends not on the brand but on the specifications and needs that you have for the forklift itself.