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Verge mower

Verge Mower

The verge mower comprises of a cutting or shredding head mounted of the system’s lever mounted at the end of a tractor. It has a series of hydraulic rams that control relative angles of the various parts. The mower is hauled by a slowly driving tractor while the head cuts vegetation at verge of a hedge. The mower id designed to give possible maximum reach to allow cutting of verges some distance away from the tractor.


This type of mower was invented by Anthony Turner of Alcester, Great Britain in 1988. To this invention there are subcategories that tend to use the same technology even though they were invented by different people. They include the Horizontal Shredder, Haulm Toppers, Vertical Axis Shredders, Wood Grinders, Wood Chippers, Flail Mowers, Hedge Mowers, Forestry Mowers and many more. The latest versions of all these farm equipment and heavy duty machines run on motors with various power classes depending on the type of work the equipment is meant for.

Verge mower

Verge mower


Manufacturers who produce the Verge Mower include Ryetec, Carroy Giraudon, Ino and Concept all based in the United Kingdom. Other manufacturers of the Verge Mower are Bomford, Noremat, Kuhn, Vigolo and Nicolas all from France. Sauerburger, a company from Germany, Serrat from Spain, Votex from Ukraine and Osma and Berti from Italy also specialize in manufacture of the Verge Mower.

The different models vary depending on their capabilities. For instance there are models with far more reach than others. At the same time, a Stone Crusher will not in many cases use the same motor and materials as a Verge Mower may use. Such instances differentiate the various categories and models in terms of capability. Year of manufacture also gives the buyer the ability to get the latest technology and design that the Verge Mower may come with.