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Vertical axis shredder

Vertical Axis Shredder

This is a machine that is hauled using a tractor. It is a rather big machine fitted with shredders at its base driven by a motor and is enclosed in a rather flat chamber. It uses the mechanism that is mounted in the chamber and driven by a motor located on the exterior. It has wheels on the rear hence making it easy to pull it around while working with it.  It is used to shredder plants.


The shredder was invented by Anthony Conigliaro of Sherborn, MA in the United States of America in 1986. It was initially patented as a shredder for leaves and other garden and yard refuse. The machine has lately been improved and advanced putting even additional features to it hence the various sub categories.

Vertical axis shredder

Vertical axis shredder


There are many companies that are involved with the manufacture of the Vertical Axis Shredder. They include Major, Spearhead, Mc Connel and Gyrax all these based in the United Kingdom. Others are Silofarmer and Gyromass based in France. Most of these companies are specialized in the manufacture of farm and heavy duty equipment.

The basic variance among the models based on the power of the motor on the Vertical Axis Shredder, the year of manufacture and performance capability. The year of manufacture determines the technologies and improvements that the shredder may possibly come with. When going for the shredder, considerations are given to the scope of work, which is whether heavy duty or light duty king of work. Heavy work will need a Vertical Axis Shredder with a more powerful motor on it as compared to that that would be used on light work.