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Wood chipper

Wood Chippers: General Information

Many different kinds of heavy equipment are required for clearing up forest areas. When working with wood, it is not easy to move, cut or chip it. For this purpose, we make use of machinery equipment designed for working in such scenarios.

Wood chippers, also named Grunders, are industry equipment, mainly used for chipping away wooden tree trunks into smaller wood chips. These chips can then be used for various purposes in industries like the paper industry.

Wood chippers come in different sizes and styles and different ones have different capacities. It depends on the needs of the user what size and style they choose to opt for.Whatever the kind of wood chipper, they generally come with a hopper and a belt for holding the wood, the chipper mechanism (the blade, grinder, etc.) for chipping away the piece of wood, and sometimes even a bin where the resulting wood chips could be collected.

Wood chipper

Wood chipper


Invented a long time ago in 1884 by Peter Jensen in Germany, it soon became very popular. Today, the wood chipper has come a long way from then and is available in different types. Drum woodchipper, High-Torque Roller, and Disk Woodchippers are the main ones used these days. The drum woodchippers was the original woodchipper invented in the 1880s and includes a large drum with a motor. The Disk woodchipper comes with a steel disk and has knives on it to cut the wood. The high-torque woodchippers are the most sophisticated and merely require the wood to be fed in and they use grinding rollers to chip it into small wood flakes.


Woodchippers are essential today many industries, and are manufactured by different companies. Companies such as Bandit, Jenz, GreenMech, Vermeer, Komptech, Bandit Industries, Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Wood Chippers & More are into manufacturing of various different kinds of wood chippers around the world.