Berthoud RACER 3200

Type of ad : For sale / Offers
Make : Berthoud
Model : RACER 3200
Status : Used - good condition
Year : 2003
Boom width : 24 m
Capacity : 3,200 L
Availability : Available
Price excl. VAT : £10,000
Comments :
Berthoud Racer 3200 24m DP Tronic self trac, 3200 tank with tank wash, DP Tronic controls, 24m booms, Continental 13.6 R 38 wheels, full in cab and auto rate with DP Tronic controls, self fill, induction bowl, can wash,quad-jets with air shut offs and spray line re-circulation. Supplied fully serviced and 12 month NSTS.

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Cleanacres Machinery Ltd

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10,000 £ ex-VAT