My turnkey site

Manage your Internet site yourself.

If you wish to be able to manage your new Internet site quickly and easily

Agriaffaires has developed a simple management tool where you make all the decisions:

a wide choice of graphics possible

content in the form of text, pictures and videos...

Our sales team will provide you with personalised support to advise you with the setup of your site.

Save time!
You publish your classified ads on Agriaffaires and on your site in 1 go from your account

Your site includes:

1 graphic charter

1 free content page

1 classified ad page

1 contact page

1 classified ad module

1 contact module

Expert Pack plus points

Access to all the graphic charters

100% customised colour selection

Unlimited publication if classified ad pages!

Unlimited publication of free content pages!

Your customised domain name

Unlimited publication of module pages!

A modern site tailored to any screen size.

Examples of sites:

For more info on Agriaffaires services:

Contact the Sales Dept. by email