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Present in more than 20 countries, Agriaffaires specialises in the sale of new and used farm, forestry, winegrowing and green area maintenance equipment.
285,609 classified ads for farm equipment are currently online.

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Purchase and sale of used farm equipment

Present in more than 20 countries

15,000 new classified ads a day

More than 15 years' expertise

Founded in 2000 by three French farmers, Agriaffaires is a classified ad platform dedicated to the purchase and sale of used and new farming equipment. With more than 15,000 ads online every day, it includes farming, winegrowing and forestry equipment as well as turf maintenance equipment. Our website also contains ads for rental and auction sales. Available in more than 20 languages, Agriaffaires offers farming equipment professionals a price Observatory to enable them assess the average price trends for tractors, seed drills, micro tractors and sprayers, etc... Thanks to over 15 years' expertise and content renewed every day, more than 4,500 professionals trust us to buy or sell their used farming equipment. Agriaffaires has a twin platform, Machineryzone, dedicated to the sale of construction/public works, handling and transport equipment.